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Born to Roam,” belts out Derryl Perry, in the first song on his latest and truly uniquely presented collection of rocking country renderings titled “Memoirs From The Road.” That mantra says it all for this Texan who has infused the allure, mystery, grit and romanticism that comes with a showman's journey into an artistic representation of life on the road with story telling and song like no other album has attempted in recent history.


Part autobiographic, part imagery and part projection from a live, and rocking country perspective, the album clearly represents the evolution of an artist who has honed his chops on the road. Derryl's been doing it the hard way, and appreciating every mile and every smile from those who have been to one of his thousands of shows all over the country.


Derryl and his band, The Lonesome Devils, are both telling and living the story almost every week in venues such as The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas for the National Finals Rodeo and the International Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque. He has performed concerts with other artists, recently sharing the stage with the likes of Dierks Bentley, Gary Allan, Montgomery-Gentry and Joe Nichols, and in many of the premier casinos and rocking bars around the country.

Some of the greatest compliments from show goers featuring Derryl and the band include “I really didn't care much for country music, but I love you guys,” and “you have your own style but your performance reminds me of a George Strait and Dwight Yoakam mix with a rock twist.” And Derryl considers himself very lucky to be mentioned in the same breath and doing the very same thing for a living as his musical heroes.

The “Memoirs From The Road” project was an exciting and gratifying experience in the studio, as the band and I felt we captured the essence of the songs we had been playing live. The idea for the musical interludes with spoken word passages tying the songs together in a story was a risk. But with it all put together, the originality and feel of the album as an art form and personal expression is very rewarding.”

Derryl has recently toured and recorded on the independent Lonesome Devil Records label for the last three album projects and performs many of the crowd favorite songs on the “Lucky Thirteen,” “Love & Adrenaline” and “Rowdy” projects in his live show.


Previously, Derryl landed a record deal with Nashville-based Music City Records and recorded and nationally released the album “All Just To Get To You” with critical acclaim going to the nationally charted radio singles “Four Nights In Albuquerque” and “You Will”.  Music Row Magazine, Nashville's premier music industry trade publication, awarded Derryl in 2005 with both the Small Label Artist of the Year and Small Label Breakout Artist of the Year. The USA television network movie “BLOOD CRIME” (2002) also featured “You Will” and is still broadcast around the world.


Come to a live show or push play on your copy of this latest collection of works which transcend the typical album format, and take part in Derryl Perry's evolution as an artist, songwriter, story teller, and singer. It's your chance to vicariously live “The Road.”