Instrumental - The Conflict

Instrumental - The Conflict


A Texas country roadhouse flair with rockin' themes, raw emotion and heartfelt poignancy, written from an autobiographical perspective of life on the road.

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An artistic representation of life on the road with story telling and song like no other album has attempted in recent history. 

Part autobiographic, part imagery and projection from a live, and rocking country perspective with a taste of Texas.

The spoken word interludes and the songs tie together to tell a story throughout the album moving from chapter to chapter with each song. 

Feel the power of freedom in the opening anthem "Born To Roam", then succumb to the allure of attraction in "Cancun Can Wait". 

Fall farther into vulnerability with "Naked". 

Become entrapped by a seductress and try to keep your "Dirty Little Secret", then track her down for the Bourbon Street reckoning in "Angelina".

Absolve yourself in a search for the "Better Life" and with that clarity, find your "Misguided Angel".

Express your love beyond the earthly realm in "Leavin' Dress".

And as a bonus track, incomparably love someone in the here and now with "My Favorite Anything".